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Bringing Next Generation Infrastructure to the Public & Private Sectors 

 Mobility | Technology | Energy | Innovative & Flexible Capital

About Us


TESIAC is the Trusted Third-Party Platform for Next-Generation Infrastructure.
TESIAC is a Developer on behalf of Private Capital to invest in Next-generation Infrastructure.
We Accelerate the Transition to Universal Mobility and Energy Resilience.

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Enabling and Accelerating Sustainable Economic Development and Social Impact 


TESIAC Partners

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TESIAC Delivers Integrated and Interoperable Solutions

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Solar Panels
Aerial Photo of a City at Night
Public Bus

Flexible and Innovative Capital

Renewable Energy

Smart City/IOT - Interoperable Digital Managed Services

Advanced On-Demand Vehicle Solutions

World Class Partnering Model

Smart City Technology

  • Smart City Technology

  • Open Architecture-Interoperable Platform

  • Agile Development

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Enhanced Vehicle Performance

  • Enhanced Ridership Experiences


  • Accelerate zero-emission fleet adoption

  • First-last mile: Intersection of public and private transportation

  • Increase demand response accessibility

  • Implement right-sized vehicle fleets

  • Enhance safety and security


  • Microgrids to provide resilient and reliable power

  • Coordinate with Best in Class global partners

  • Deliver reliable power

  • Provide integrated and scalable energy infrastructure

  • Incorporate on-site generation

  • Accelerate entity climate goals

  • Alliances with strategic global energy partners


  • Smart City Technology

  • Mobility

  • Energy

  • Communications

  • Waste

  • Water

Our Focus

Next Generation Infrastructure

News and Press

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We are excited to partner with municipalities, transit authorities, local developers, fleet operators, relevant public and private sector financial sources


Please contact us. We look forward to exploring the potential to work together. 

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