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Electric Mobility Symposium at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

TESIAC, US Ignite, Robotic Research, Verizon, and CANA Advisors are serving as organizing members of the event

US Ignite is excited to announce the Electric Mobility Symposium will be held Thursday, June 24 at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, San Diego. The Electric Mobility Symposium, held under the auspices of the NavalX SoCal Tech Bridge, will host panels, thought-provoking presentations, and demonstrations that highlight how energy resiliency, 5G connectivity, and autonomous mobility solutions can comprise an electric mobility ecosystem for both military installations and smart cities.

Explore “Smart City” solutions

  • Panel and demonstrations to focus on energy, connectivity, mobility, and logistics

  • US Ignite, Robotic Research, Verizon, TESIAC, and CANA Advisors are serving as organizing members of the event

“We are very excited to co-organize the Electric Mobility Symposium with Verizon, TESIAC, Robotic Research, and CANA Advisors and appreciate the strong support from LtCol Brandon Newell, USMC, of the SoCal Tech Bridge,” said Eric Werner, Director of Autonomous Vehicle Programs at US Ignite. “This will be a great opportunity for the private sector to showcase solutions for federal, state, and local government officials in attendance.”

Some of the smart city solutions explored at the June 24th symposium include:

  • Electric vehicles (both manned and unmanned),

  • Micro-grids,

  • Mobile power,

  • 5G communications infrastructure, and

  • Innovative contracting and financing.

The overarching goal for this event is to promote energy resiliency, micro-mobility, increased transportation capacity with decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and enhanced communications and data. See the event agenda for more details.

Media interested in covering the event should email for information. The Electric Mobility Symposium will run from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm PT at MCAS Miramar in San Diego, California.

Post-Event Update

From left to right: Image 1 - Mr. Joe Bryan (Senior Climate Advisor, DOD), Mr. David Hochschild (Chair, California Energy Commission), and Ms. Karen Morgan (Managing Partner, TESIAC) join LtCol Brandon Newell on a Panel at the 2021 Electric Mobility Symposium to discuss an Electrified Ecosystem in Government, DOD, and the Private Sector. Image 2 - LtCol Brandon Newell addresses the crowd at the 2021 Electric Mobility Symposium. Image 3 - Flexible, Multi-Purpose, Electric Vehicles, Innovative Charging Infrastructure and 5G Communications served as a backdrop for a day of immersive panels and hands on demonstrations at the 2021 Electric Mobility Symposium at MCAS Miramar

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