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TESIAC's Smart Mobility Clusters (SMCs™)

Updated: May 19, 2022

TESIAC has been in discussion with public and private sector partners and representatives on implementing, city and state-wide programs for TESIAC developed Smart Mobility Clusters (SMCs ™).

TESIAC’s SMCs™ provide modular, multi-purpose solutions to address mobility infrastructure gaps, provide connectivity for underserved communities, accelerate environmental objectives, and enable sustainable economic development.

SMCs™’ multiple applications and flexible design and installation are powered by proven technologies from TESIAC coalition partners.

Stand alone, pop-up concept provides infrastructure alternatives, complementing existing fixed public transit options.

Coalition-Incentive Based Model is risk assessed, transparent, and inclusive of public and private sector stakeholders.

Private capital, coupled with public funding, bridges the gap for “Next Generation” infrastructure investment.


SMC Goals & Deliverables

Placemaking: Appropriately scaled, localized cluster infrastructure, both physical and digital, that enable equitable, safe, and secure hubs to connect people, goods and services.

Connectivity: Intended to maximize connectivity between and among transit nodes with proven technologies for door- through-door mobility.

Accessible and Sustainable: Provide affordable new zero-emission, resilient mobility options that go beyond ADA accessible services and incorporate VR/AR training to engage with new technology.

Economic Development: Core to enhancing and accelerating innovation district, attracting sustainable development.

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